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Natural Gas Vehicles


About natural gas vehicles (NGVs)

Whether to help our country wean itself from foreign oil, improve local air quality, combat climate change or simply save on fuel costs, choosing a natural gas vehicle (NGV) is a smart choice for both consumers and fleet managers. NGVs use proven, reliable technology to take advantage of our country's abundant natural gas reserves, and when combined with the low cost of natural gas and flexible fueling options, NGVs are an attractive alternative to traditional fuels like gasoline and diesel.

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In the market for a new vehicle? Major automakers have added NGVs to their production lines, and there are a number of conversion options for most light and medium duty vehicles. Select the button below for additional information about available NGV vehicles and detailed guidance about converting existing vehicles.

NGV truck fleet



State governments, as well as many regional and local governments, offer incentives for buying and operating natural gas vehicles. These incentives can include tax deductions/credits, reduced license fees, reduced vehicle sale taxes, lower registration fees.

NGV fueling station



Finding a place to refuel your NGV is easy. CenterPoint Energy's CNG fueling station, located at the corner of Heidelbach and Division Streets in Evansville, Indiana.
For an on-site alternative, purchase an appliance called a "refueling system" to connect into your existing gas line. By working with CenterPoint Energy, fleet managers can even consider building and operating a CNG station on-site.


Why natural gas?

Less expensive

Natural gasis less expensive than gasoline, nearly half the cost.


Natural gas burns cleaner than gasoline thereby producing less emissions.

Abundant & domestic

You can trust that natural gas is an abundant, domestic product.

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