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Call Before You Dig


Always contact 811 before you dig

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One free, easy call or online request can keep you safe from injury and expense. Before any digging or earth moving, whether by a homeowner or a professional excavator or contractor, state law requires contacting 811 to notify the local One-Call center at least 48 hours or two full business days prior to the scheduled excavation in order to have underground utilities located and marked free of charge.

Visit your state's 811 website to learn more:


What information will I provide when contacting 811?

After contacting 811, the One Call Center will contact the appropriate companies and a trained technician will mark the location of underground facilities with colored flags, stakes or paint at no cost to you.


You'll need to know the county, city and/or township of the location, along with the street address and nearest cross street.

Type/extent of work

You will be asked to provide a description of the type of work and extent of the work you have planned.

Date and time

Provide the operator with some information about when you plan to start digging, including the date and the time.


Color codes for digging safely

The flags and paint markings used by our technicians when marking underground lines indicate the type of utility/facility that lies below. Here's a guide to help you interpret what each flag color means:

  • Red - Electric
  • Yellow - Gas, oil, or steam
  • Blue - Water
  • Orange - Telephone - CATV
  • Green - Sewer
  • Purple - Reclaimed water
  • Pink - Temporary survey markings
  • White - Proposed construction

Working around marked areas

Do not remove the flags, stakes or paint marks until you have finished digging. Once the property is marked, dig responsibly and respect the marks. Regardless of depth, always hand dig within 24 inches on either side of a marked line.


Issue with your locate request?

Complete our short online form to inquire about your line locate request or to report an issue.

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