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Automatic Payments


About Automatic Payments

Automatic Payments is a free payment program that allows you to pay your energy bill on time, every time, without writing checks, licking envelopes or running to the post office. With AutoPay, your amount due is automatically deducted from your checking or savings account on its due date.

Managing your enrollment in Automatic Payments can be done via your online account.

Manage settings online


Enrolling in Automatic Payments can be done via your online account. Most CenterPoint Energy accounts are eligible for Automatic Payments, but some accounts may be ineligible due to past account activity. If you have issues with your enrollment, contact a representative to understand how to proceed.

When your Automatic Payments enrollment is active, a special message ("Your account is being drafted for the amount due") will be printed on your bill.

Specifying your bank account

You will need to provide us with a valid checking or savings account when you enroll in Automatic Payments. When your bill is issued each month, we will automatically debit this account for the amount due, so it is important that you maintain an account balance sufficient to cover your bill. If there is not enough money in your checking account to cover the amount of your bill, your bank will notify us, and it will be handled in the same manner as an insufficient funds check.

You can change your bank account information at anytime via your online account.

Managing your enrollment

You can cancel or modify your enrollment at anytime via your online account or by contacting a representative.

If you are moving, but staying in the CenterPoint Energy service territory, your Automatic Payments enrollment will continue unless you specify otherwise. If you are moving away from service territory and will no longer have CenterPoint Energy service, your enrollment will still apply to your final bill. You will be automatically removed from the program when your final charges have been paid.


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